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Monday, October 17, 2005

Your riding holiday stories

Everyone knows word of mouth is the best recommendation possible. If you've enjoyed a great riding holiday, don't keep quiet about it. Tell other riders so that they can enjoy it too!

This is what my site's about. Searching for riding holiday on the web returns literally millions of listings. Within these are hundreds of holiday companies. But first you've got to sift through the pages finding legitimate companies, then you've got to try and work out if they are reputable.

My site changes all this. I've put together a Riding Holiday Directory so that you have all the companies you need, worldwide, in one place. You can search by ability, month of travel or destination and you can compare loads of different companies all on the one site.

And what's even better about my site (I think at least!) is that riders can post reviews of the holidays they've been on. So you really get first hand information about the quality of the company, the horses, the accommodation, everything.

If you've been on a great riding holiday and want to tell others about it, post your review in the Riding holiday reviews section
and help me make my site even better and more useful to riders everywhere.

Thanks guys!


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