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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

my site is Yahoo's favourite!

It is fitting that as www.findaridingholiday.com celebrates its first anniversary on the web, it has achieved top ranking on Yahoo for the prime search phrase riding holiday. Now, I just need to conquer Google. And somehow maintain the Yahoo topspot.

Search engine optimisation is hard! But I really hope this site will catch on. In case you're not au fait with the site, here's a description:

The site is a directory of worldwide riding holidays with over 70 companies listed worldwide. Holidays include adventure-based trips such as wildlife safaris and trekking across wilderness as well as center-based holidays which focus on the dual aspects of luxury accommodation and quality horseriding.

The brainchild of Jo Stanford (that's me!), a UK-based horse rider and journalist, the site is aimed at offering individual riding holiday companies greater exposure on the internet and helping riders find their perfect holiday without having to trawl through thousands of search engine results.

Users can compare lots of different options for riding holidays using the unique search function – the site acts as a portal to the world of equestrian tourism. Plus, as well as giving detailed information on over 70 riding holiday companies, it also includes real rider reviews for added inspiration, native breed profiles and advice on safety matters and what to take. Visting this site is a must for anyone researching a riding holiday.


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