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Friday, January 06, 2006

Celebrities and their horses

If you could afford a top-of-the-range car or a top-of-the-range horse, which would you get? I know for me it would be the horse. A car only needs to go from A to B. Maybe it's because I'm a girl. But it's nice to know that boys sometimes think like this too. Mmmm.. and what boys! I was wondering which celebrities liked horses when I came across this archived link from CBS about Celebrities And Their Horses. It's about a book called People We Know, Horses They Love. So who are the men in question? Robert Redford of course, as if his starring role in The Horse Whisperer didn't tell us that already. He particularly loves Palominos - wouldn't you just know he'd be into blondes! And Richard Gere, who's dotty about Appaloosas. Oooh. Do you think either of them would like to accompany me on a holiday? Well, a girl's gotta dream.

And the book? Well, People We Know, Horses They Love is published by American publisher Rodale and is written by Jill Rappaport and Wendy Wilkinson with never-seen-before photography from Linda Soloman. It looks like a real gem - perfect on any coffee table. Plus it's on offer at just £20. Excuse me while I go order...


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