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Monday, May 14, 2012

Marvellous Mexico

Exciting news from Lucia and Pepe at Finca Enyhe in the beautiful mountain town of Valle to Bravo. In addition to their HORSE RIDING HOLIDAYS they are now offering other themed options including A BIRDWATCHING HOLIDAY and A WEEK OF OUTDOOR ADVENTURE TRAVEL including hiking, kayaking and sailing and cycling. I can personally testify to the quality of holiday you are likely to get with Lucia and Pepe, having enjoyed two magnificent riding holidays myself. Pepe and Lucia are supremely experienced horse people and carefully match each rider to their well trained horse. The trail covers some 150 miles over the course of the week and the wonderful things is you get to combine the adventure of full days in the saddle and breathtaking scenery with the luxury of staying in luxury accommodation. (The horses are stalled on the trail while the riders are taken by bus back to the ranch). Finca Enyhe itself has been lovingly restored and is five-star quality, the cooking supreme and the village itself very charming. You can forget all the hype about Mexico being unsafe. Valle de Bravo is a small town lakeside town (a playground for the residents of Mexico City) where you can happily walk around, hail a cab and interact with the locals. In fact it's also a great base for a DIY holiday and if that's your preference, Finca Enyhe also operates as an INDEPENDENT HOTEL


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