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Friday, January 06, 2006

More Celebrity horse lovers

Here's another link about Celebrities And Their Horses.

So, I've talked about the boys... now the girls. This feature talks about Shania Twain and how she featured one of her show horses in her 'Any Man of Mine' video. And how Christy Brinkley is a champion cutting horse rider. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson spoke out last summer about how kids should aspire to ride horses rather than be famous. And of course we all know about the queen of pop. Madonna's horse nightmares are a result of her unfortunate accident last August just a month after she began learning to ride. She ended up cracking three ribs and busting her collar bone but it hasn't put her off. It's nice to know Olympic medallist William Fox-Pitt was on hand to help her out. Well, if you can afford the best, go for it. She also climbed back on board for the David Letterman Show last October. Apparently Corrie Star Tina O'Brian who plays Sarah Platt, also took a tumble. Unfortunatley, it has put her off. I meet so many people who are put off horses by an early fall. OK sometimes it's because the rider wants to run (or canter) before they can walk, but sometimes, I'm afraid to stay it is down to the school using unsuitable horses and that really grates on me.

OK, back to the boys. Laurence Fox learnt to ride to play Prince Charles in the recently aired TV Drama Whatever Love Means about the Charles and Camilla romance. He found it hard to master and of course it is. I remember it took me an age to learn rising trot and I was a young kid so I should have been a fast learner. That's part of why it's so rewarding. You have to earn confidence in the saddle with riding hours.

"I love the way the world looks on horseback, the way it moves by… You get to experience the sound of your own heartbeat and the sense of silence that is so important to us all.” William Shatner.

Yes I agree Bill.... That's why I love riding holidays!

Shatner's love for horses led him to his involvement with AHEAD With Horses, a charity organization that gives physically and mentally challenged children the thrill of riding a horse.


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